Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook provides simple, useful methods for diaphragmdesign, performance evaluation, and material selection. The text is a practical andcomplete guide to solving on-the-job problems faced by instrument designers; structural engineersdesigning plates, panels, and floors; and mechanical engineers designing flexural pivots,couplings, and elastic elements.A leading design engineer has written this authoritative reference for the benefit of his colleaguesin the engineering community. Each chapter is user-oriented and features clear, stepby-step techniques which are easily translated into improved diaphragm design. The text includesa simple algebraic presentation of performance characteristics, and computer results ofspecific shapes, profiles, and corrugation depths. Special topics, such as the use of diaphragmsas pressure summing devices and the design of semiconductor diaphragms for solid state transducers,receive outstanding coverage in this book. Each discussion contains many detailed examplesand illustrations.Flat and Corrugated Diaphragm Design Handbook is a vital addition to both the workbenchand the library of every practicing design engineer. This volume is also an excelJent textbookfor a course on instrument design and application for senior-level engineering students.

part I|3 pages

Diaphragm Performance and Materials

chapter 1|8 pages

The Performance of Diaphragms

chapter 2|9 pages

Mechanical Properties of Materials

chapter 3|8 pages

Diaphragm Material

chapter 4|49 pages

The Stainless Steels

chapter 5|20 pages

The Nickel Alloys

chapter 6|5 pages

Constant-Modulus and Low-Expansion Alloys

chapter 7|7 pages

The Copper-Base Alloys

chapter 8|6 pages

Special Materials

chapter 9|5 pages

Residual Stresses and Stability

chapter 10|2 pages

Effects of Surface Finish

part II|1 pages

The Design of Fiat Diaphragms

chapter 12|27 pages

Bending of Diaphragms under Lateral Pressure

chapter 13|21 pages

Fiat Diaphragm with Rigid Center

chapter 16|5 pages

Transverse Loading of Diaphragms

chapter 17|8 pages

Frequency Response of Diaphragms

chapter 18|6 pages

Convex Diaphragms—Snap Action

chapter 19|4 pages

Design of Semiconductor Diaphragms

chapter 20|22 pages

Rectangular Diaphragms

chapter 21|14 pages

Design of Bellows

part III|2 pages

The Design of Corrugated Diaphragms

chapter 22|10 pages

The Characteristics of Corrugated Diaphragms

chapter 23|36 pages

Design of Corrugated Diaphragms

chapter 26|8 pages

Stress Calculations

chapter 27|5 pages

Empirical Formulas and Curve Fitting

chapter 28|6 pages

The Dimensionless Performance Ratios

chapter 29|4 pages

The Forming of Diaphragms

chapter 30|7 pages

Mounting of Diaphragms

chapter 31|4 pages

Protection from Overload

chapter 32|6 pages

Special Designs

chapter 33|4 pages

Design of Corrugated Bellows

chapter 34|24 pages

Computer Solutions