In part one of Effective Action in Quantum Gravity, the book describes the principles of quantum field theory and the significance of and theory behind effective action. Part two deals with quantum field theory in curved space-time and the effective action. These two parts provide the tools for understanding the rest of the book, which is devoted to selected problems of quantum gravity where the effective action plays a major role. The book assumes only a basic understanding of quantum field theory and general relativity and will be of interest to postgraduate students and researchers in theoretical high-energy physics and gravitational theory.

part 1|96 pages

Elements of Quantum Field Theory

chapter 1|24 pages

The Basic Models of Quantum Field Theory

chapter 2|70 pages

Effective Action in Quantum Field Theory

part 2|148 pages

Quantum Field Theory In Curved Space-Time And The Effective Action

part 3|150 pages

Selected Problems of Quantum Gravity