"Illuminates the most important results of the Lyapunov and Lagrange stability theory for a general class of dynamical systems by developing topics in a metric space independantly of equations, inequalities, or inclusions. Applies the general theory to specific classes of equations. Presents new and expanded material on the stability analysis of hybrid dynamical systems and dynamical systems with discontinuous dynamics."

chapter 1|40 pages


chapter 2|70 pages

Dynamical Systems

chapter 3|54 pages

Stability Preserving Mappings

chapter 4|94 pages

Stability of Motion

chapter 5|74 pages

Finite Dimensional Systems

chapter 6|78 pages

Infinite Dimensional Systems

chapter 7|46 pages

Differential Inclusions

chapter 8|52 pages

Hybrid Dynamical Systems

Hybrid Dynamical Systems Defined on Generalized