Provides comprehensive coverage of the most recent developments in the theory of non-Archimedean pseudo-differential equations and its application to stochastics and mathematical physics--offering current methods of construction for stochastic processes in the field of p-adic numbers and related structures. Develops a new theory for parabolic equat

chapter 1|5 pages


chapter 2|61 pages

Chemistry of Crosslinked Polymer Synthesis

chapter 3|52 pages

Gelation and Network Formation

chapter 5|40 pages

Kinetics of Network Formation

chapter 7|20 pages

Are Cured Thermosets Inhomogeneous?

chapter 8|22 pages

Preparation of Modified Thermosets

chapter 10|41 pages

Basic Physical Properties of Networks

chapter 12|39 pages

Yielding and Fracture of Polymer Networks

chapter 13|31 pages

Yielding and Fracture of Toughened Networks

chapter 14|48 pages