With contributions from nearly 130 internationally renowned experts in the field, this reference details advances in transgenic plant construction and explores the social, political, and legal aspects of genetic plant manipulation. It provides analyzes of the history, genetics, physiology, and cultivation of over 30 species of transgenic seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Stressing the impact of genetic engineering strategies on the nutritional and functional benefit of foods as well as on consumer health and the global market economy, the book covers methods of gene marking, transferring, and tagging public perceptions to the selective breeding, hybridization, and recombinant DNA manipulation of food.

chapter 2|15 pages

The Dynamics of Plant Genome Organization

chapter 3|32 pages


chapter 4|20 pages

Shoot Regeneration and Proliferation

chapter 6|11 pages

Pollen Biotechnology

chapter 9|6 pages

Electroporation and Cell Energy Factor

chapter 19|15 pages

Public Perceptions of Transgenic Plants

chapter 20|5 pages

Industry Perspectives

chapter 21|18 pages

Political and Economic Consequences

chapter 23|15 pages

Genetic Transformation of Avocado

chapter 25|14 pages

Production of Transgenic Melon

chapter 26|16 pages

Cranberry Transformation and Regeneration

chapter 27|11 pages

Transgenic Grapevines

chapter 32|11 pages

Progress in Asparagus Biotechnology

chapter 42|28 pages

Genetic Manipulation of Lettuce

chapter 48|12 pages

Transgenic Coffee

chapter 49|17 pages

Transgenic Linseed Flax

chapter 51|26 pages

Transgenic Oilseed Brassicas

chapter 52|9 pages

Studies on Genetic Engineering of Rice

chapter 54|25 pages

Sunflower Seed

chapter 55|17 pages

Transformation of Wheat