Here is all the practical, hands-on information you need to build, manage and maintain a heterogeneous computing environment with hardware, software, and network equipment from a number of different vendors. Packed with real-world case studies and proven techniques for integrating disparate platforms, operating systems and servers, Multi-Operating

part |2 pages

Section I Introduction

part |6 pages

Section II Porting and Developing Applications in a Heterogeneous Environment

chapter 7|16 pages

Porting GUI Programs

chapter 12|12 pages

Using Middleware for Interoperable Systems

part |2 pages

Section III Desktops in a Heterogeneous Environment

chapter 17|16 pages

Enterprise Desktops and Emulators

chapter 20|14 pages

The Mainframe as Enterprise Server

chapter 21|12 pages

Managing Applications on the Network

part |4 pages

Section IV Data Access in a Heterogeneous Environment

part |6 pages

Section V Systems Administration in a Heterogeneous Environment

chapter 33|26 pages

NetWare Considerations

chapter 37|14 pages

Managing Heterogeneous Environments

chapter 39|10 pages

Controlling a Multivendor Environment

chapter 40|12 pages

The Help Desk in a Distributed Environment

part |4 pages

Section VI Communications in a Heterogeneous Environment

chapter 45|16 pages

The Essentials of Enterprise Networking

chapter 46|18 pages

High-Speed Services for LAN Interconnection

chapter 47|14 pages

Enterprise Network Monitoring and Analysis

chapter 48|12 pages

Multicast Network Infrastructures

chapter 51|12 pages

Distributed Network Support and Control

chapter 52|14 pages

Comparing Popular E-mail Systems

chapter 55|14 pages

SNA-LAN Integration Strategies

chapter 56|18 pages

SNA Over Frame Relay

part |4 pages

Section VII Security in a Heterogeneous Environment

chapter 59|10 pages

Windows NT Server Security Features

chapter 60|20 pages

UNIX Security Features

chapter 62|16 pages

Novell NetWare 4.X Security

chapter 63|20 pages

Implementing AS/400 Security Controls

chapter 64|20 pages

Implementing Kerberos in Distributed Systems

chapter 65|20 pages

E-mail Security Using Pretty Good Privacy

chapter 67|8 pages

Applets and Network Security

chapter 68|14 pages

Oracle Database Security

part |2 pages

Section VIII Distributed Heterogeneous Systems

part |2 pages

Section IX Implementing Heterogeneous Systems

chapter 74|10 pages

Solution Selection Factors and Guidelines

chapter 76|8 pages

Evaluating Vendor Support Policies

chapter 77|14 pages

WAN Network Integration: A Case Study

chapter 78|22 pages

Remote LAN/WAN Connections: A Case Study

chapter 79|10 pages

Frame Relay in an IBM Environment

part |2 pages

Section X Auditing Systems