This text analyzes the molecular mechanisms, chemical behaviour and regulation of iron transport in biological systems and offers novel methods for the assessment of iron transport across biological membranes. It details the characteristics and consequences of iron deficiency and excess to prevent diseases affecting major organ structures and promote bodily iron homeostasis.

Molecular aspects of iron transport: iron chemistry; transferrins; the transferrin receptor; molecular aspects of release of iron from transferrin; ferritins - structural and functional aspects. Cellular iron transport: iron acquisition in plants; iron uptake in yeast; bacterial iron transport; uptake of transferrin-bound iron by mammalian cells; transport of non-transferrin-bound iron by hepatocytes. Physiology of iron transport: regulation of intestinal iron transport; regulation of systemic iron transport and storage; regulation of liver iron metabolism; iron utilization in erythrocyte formulation and haemoglobin synthesis; animal models of iron transport and storage disorders.