Model Uncertainties in Foundation Design is unique in the compilation of the largest and the most diverse load test databases to date, covering many foundation types (shallow foundations, spudcans, driven piles, drilled shafts, rock sockets and helical piles) and a wide range of ground conditions (soil to soft rock).

All databases with names prefixed by NUS are available upon request. This book presents a comprehensive evaluation of the model factor mean (bias) and coefficient of variation (COV) for ultimate and serviceability limit state based on these databases. These statistics can be used directly for AASHTO LRFD calibration.

Besides load test databases, performance databases for other geo-structures and their model factor statistics are provided. Based on this extensive literature survey, a practical three-tier scheme for classifying the model uncertainty of geo-structures according to the model factor mean and COV is proposed. This empirically grounded scheme can underpin the calibration of resistance factors as a function of the degree of understanding – a concept already adopted in the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and being considered for the new draft for Eurocode 7 Part 1 (EN 1997-1:202x). The helical pile research in Chapter 7 was recognised by the 2020 ASCE Norman Medal.

chapter Chapter 1|36 pages

Geotechnical Engineering in the Era of Industry 4.0

chapter Chapter 3|52 pages

Basics in Foundation Engineering

chapter Chapter 4|83 pages

Evaluation of Design Methods for Shallow Foundations

chapter Chapter 7|62 pages

Evaluation of Design Methods for Helical Piles

chapter Chapter 8|39 pages

Summary and Conclusions