A radical and challenging book which argues that artificial intelligence needs a completely different set of foundations, based on ecological intelligence rather than human intelligence, if it is to deliver on the promise of a better world. This can usher in the greatest transformation in human history, an age of re-integration. Our very existence is dependent upon our context within the Earth System, and so, surely, artificial intelligence must also be grounded within this context, embracing emergence, interconnectedness and real-time feedback. We discover many positive outcomes across the societal, economic and environmental arenas and discuss how this transformation can be delivered.


Key Features:

  • Identifies a key weakness in current AI thinking, that threatens any hope of a better world.
  • Highlights the importance of realizing that systems theory is an essential foundation for any technology that hopes to positively transform our world.
  • Emphasizes the need for a radical new approach to AI, based on ecological systems.
  • Explains why ecosystem intelligence, not human intelligence, offers the best framework for AI.
  • Examines how this new approach will impact on the three arenas of society, environment and economics, ushering in a new age of re-integration.

section Section I|18 pages

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

section Section II|14 pages

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Ethics in AI

section Section III|23 pages

Gender, Race, Culture and Fear

section Section IV|10 pages

The Thinker: Human Intelligence

section Section V|26 pages

Other Modes of Intelligence: Thinking Outside the Human Box

section Section VI|22 pages

Highway to Hell: The Existentialist Threat Facing Humankind

section Section VII|36 pages

Forget the Romans. What has AI Ever Done for Us?

section Section VIII|42 pages

Imagining a New World

section Section IX|14 pages

Barriers to Change

section Section X|13 pages