Since the second edition of Liquid-Vapor Phase-Change Phenomena was written, research has substantially enhanced the understanding of the effects of nanostructured surfaces, effects of microchannel and nanochannel geometries, and effects of extreme wetting on liquid-vapor phase-change processes. To cover advances in these areas, the new third edition includes significant new coverage of microchannels and nanostructures, and numerous other updates. More worked examples and numerous new problems have been added, and a complete solution manual and electronic figures for classroom projection will be available for qualified adopting professors.

part I|200 pages

Thermodynamic and Mechanical Aspects of Interfacial Phenomena and Phase Transitions

part II|250 pages

Boiling and Condensation Near Immersed Bodies

chapter 7|82 pages

Pool Boiling

chapter 9|60 pages

External Condensation

part III|212 pages

Internal Flow Convective Boiling and Condensation

chapter 45210|54 pages

Introduction to Two-Phase Flow

chapter 11|48 pages

Internal Convective Condensation

chapter 12|108 pages

Convective Boiling in Tubes and Channels