Since the implementation of the USEPA Clean Air Act Risk Management Plan, many water treatment and wastewater treatment utilities have converted to on-site sodium hypochlorite generation. Conversion to On-Site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation: Water and Wastewater Applications is a comprehensive text and design manual for on-site sodium hypochlorite

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages


chapter Chapter 2|4 pages

Federal regulations and pending regulations

chapter Chapter 3|6 pages

Disinfection applications and alternatives

chapter Chapter 4|4 pages

Disinfection chemistry

chapter Chapter 5|50 pages

Electrolyzer systems

chapter Chapter 6|8 pages

Electrolysis system design considerations

chapter Chapter 9|4 pages

System design and trouble analysis

chapter Chapter 10|6 pages

System safety

chapter Chapter 11|94 pages

Technical Standard Documents: TS-01-TS-35 *