A well-rounded and articulate examination of polymer properties at the molecular level, Polymer Chemistry focuses on fundamental principles based on underlying chemical structures, polymer synthesis, characterization, and properties. It emphasizes the logical progression of concepts and provide mathematical tools as needed as well as fully derived problems for advanced calculations.

The much-anticipated Third Edition expands and reorganizes material to better develop polymer chemistry concepts and update the remaining chapters. New examples and problems are also featured throughout.

This revised edition:

  • Integrates concepts from physics, biology, materials science, chemical engineering, and statistics as needed
  • Contains mathematical tools and step-by-step derivations for example problems
  • Incorporates new theories and experiments using the latest tools and instrumentation and topics that appear prominently in current polymer science journals
  • The number of homework problems has been greatly increased, to over 350 in all
  • The worked examples and figures have been augmented
  • More examples of relevant synthetic chemistry have been introduced into Chapter 2 ("Step-Growth Polymers")
  • More details about atom-transfer radical polymerization and reversible addition/fragmentation chain-transfer polymerization have been added to Chapter 4 ("Controlled Polymerization")
  • Chapter 7 (renamed "Thermodynamics of Polymer Mixtures") now features a separate section on thermodynamics of polymer blends
  • Chapter 8 (still called "Light Scattering by Polymer Solutions") has been supplemented with an extensive introduction to small-angle neutron scattering

Polymer Chemistry, Third Edition offers a logical presentation of topics that can be scaled to meet the needs of introductory as well as more advanced courses in chemistry, materials science, polymer science, and chemical engineering.

chapter 1|42 pages

Introduction to Chain Molecules

chapter 2|40 pages

Step-Growth Polymerization

chapter 3|42 pages

Chain-Growth Polymerization

chapter 4|54 pages

Controlled Polymerization

chapter 6|36 pages

Polymer Conformations

chapter 7|54 pages

Thermodynamics of Polymer Mixtures

chapter 8|52 pages

Light Scattering by Polymer Solutions

chapter 9|62 pages

Dynamics of Dilute Polymer Solutions

chapter 10|42 pages

Networks, Gels, and Rubber Elasticity

chapter 11|52 pages

Linear Viscoelasticity

chapter 12|48 pages

Glass Transition

chapter 13|58 pages

Crystalline Polymers