The book fills a void as a textbook with hands-on laboratory exercises designed for biomedical engineering undergraduates in their senior year or the first year of graduate studies specializing in electrical aspects of bioinstrumentation. Each laboratory exercise concentrates on measuring a biophysical or biomedical entity, such as force, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, etc., and guides students though all the way from sensor level to data acquisition and analysis on the computer. The book distinguishes itself from others by providing electrical circuits and other measurement setups that have been tested by the authors while teaching undergraduate classes at their home institute over many years.

Key Features:
• Hands-on laboratory exercises on measurements of biophysical and biomedical variables
• Each laboratory exercise is complete by itself and they can be covered in any sequence desired by the instructor during the semester
• Electronic equipment and supplies required are typical for biomedical engineering departments
• Data collected by undergraduate students and data analysis results are provided as samples
• Additional information and references are included for preparing a report or further reading at the end of each chapter

Students using this book are expected to have basic knowledge of electrical circuits and troubleshooting. Practical information on circuit components, basic laboratory equipment, and circuit troubleshooting is also provided in the first chapter of the book.

chapter Studio 2|28 pages

Electrophysiological Amplifier

Recording Electrocardiograms Through A Breadboard

chapter Studio 3|10 pages

Small Signal Rectifier-Averager for EMG Signals

chapter Studio 4|14 pages

Digital Voltmeter

Usage of Analog-to-Digital Converters

chapter Studio 5|10 pages

Force Measurements with PZT Transducers

chapter Studio 7|8 pages

Electronic Stethoscope

Heart Sounds

chapter Studio 8|16 pages

Transmission Photoplethysmograph

Fingertip Optical Heart Rate Monitor

chapter Studio 10|10 pages

Optical Isolation of Physiological Amplifiers

chapter Studio 12|12 pages

Heart Rate Variability Analysis in Frequency Domain

chapter Studio 13|8 pages

AC Impedance of Electrode-Body Interface