A comprehensive study of the connection game genre, Connection Games provides a survey of known connection games while exploring common themes and strategies. This book aims to impose some structure on this increasingly large family of games, and to define exactly what constitutes a connection game. Key games are examined in detail and complete rules for over 200 connection games and variants are provided. A connection game is a board game in which players vie to develop or complete a specific type of connection with their pieces. This might involve forming a path between two or more goals, completing a closed loop, or gathering all pieces together into a single connected group.

part Part I|63 pages

Defining Connection

chapter 1|3 pages

What Is a Connection Game?

chapter 2|5 pages

The Nature of Connection

chapter 3|11 pages

Games as Graphs

chapter 4|18 pages

Properties of Connection Games

chapter 5|16 pages

Common Plays

chapter 6|5 pages


part Part II|263 pages

The Games

chapter 7|183 pages

Pure Connection Games

chapter 8|32 pages

Connective Goal

chapter 9|36 pages

Connective Play

chapter 10|9 pages

Connection-Related Games

part Part III|23 pages

End Play

chapter 11|10 pages

Rolling Your Own

chapter 12|10 pages

The Psychology of Connection

chapter 13|1 pages