Created to support senior-level courses/modules in product design, K. L. Richard’s Engineering Design Primer reflects the author’s deep experience in engineering product management and design. The combination of specific engineering design processes within the broader context of creative, team-based product design makes this book the ideal resource for project-based coursework. Starting with design concepts and tasks, the text then explores materials selection, optimisation, reliability, statistics, testing and economic factors – all supported with real-life examples. Student readers will gain a practical perspective of the work they’ll be doing as their engineering careers begin.


    • Presents the design, development and life-cycle management of engineered products
    • Builds the skills and knowledge needed for students to succeed in their capstone design projects
    • Brings design concepts alive with practical examples and descriptions
    • Emphasises the team dynamics needed in engineering practice
    • Examines probability, reliability, testing and life-cycle management of engineered products

    chapter 2|62 pages

    Engineering Drawing Principles

    chapter 3|12 pages

    The Engineering Design Process

    chapter 4|6 pages

    Product Design Specification

    chapter 5|14 pages

    Conceptual Design

    chapter 6|36 pages

    Design for ‘X’

    chapter 7|6 pages

    Feasibility Assessment

    chapter 8|16 pages


    chapter 9|12 pages

    Project Management and Planning

    chapter 10|8 pages

    Engineering Design Economics

    chapter 11|16 pages

    Quality in the Design Process

    chapter 12|10 pages

    Design for Optimisation

    chapter 13|16 pages


    chapter 14|28 pages

    Statistical Methods for Engineers

    chapter 15|14 pages

    An Introduction to Material Selection

    chapter 16|8 pages

    Mathematical Modelling and Simulation

    chapter 17|4 pages

    Introduction to Configuration Management

    chapter 18|10 pages

    Engineering Communications