The goal of the new edition is to continue with a systems view of the world. For a more robust and worldwide market dissemination, the new edition has changed to a reference book. The project systems approach to project management, is needed in executing projects across countries and across cultures, which is a crucial requirement in today's globalized and intertwined economics. The book uses ample graphical representations to clarify the concepts and techniques presented. The case examples help to reinforce the topics covered. Several illustrative examples and practice exercises are included. Each chapter is updated and new chapters include Project Simulation and Project Templates. A new chapter on managing complex projects in an age of artificial intelligence adds a unique value to the book.


  • Highlights contemporary best practices of project management
  • Uses a systems framework to integrate quantitative and qualitative tools
  • Offers illustrative examples and practice exercises
  • Covers project schedule performance appraisal techniques
  • Discusses the knowledge areas contained in the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)
  • Presents software applications for project management, as well as case examples

chapter 1|54 pages

Systems Approach to Project Management

chapter 2|40 pages

Systems-Wide Project Planning

chapter 3|22 pages

Project Systems Organization

chapter 4|58 pages

Project Systems Scheduling

chapter 5|52 pages

Resource Allocation Systems

chapter 6|69 pages

Project Control System

chapter 7|58 pages

Modeling for Project Optimization

chapter 8|60 pages

Project Cost Systems

chapter 10|20 pages

Multiresource Scheduling

chapter 11|19 pages

Case Examples and Applications