This practical book covers all aspects of the biology of malaria vectors, with notes on the vectors of dengue. It is the first work in this field to concentrate on mosquitoes, rather than covering all disease vectors. Authored by renowned field entomologist Jacques Derek Charlwood, it disseminates his vast experience working on mosquito biology, ecology and the evaluation of new vector control tools across five continents over the past 40 years.

Covering all aspects from classification and systematics, population dynamics, vector control, to surveillance and sampling, epidemics, and a selection of case histories, the book also considers genetics and resistance, Aedes biology, and malaria and dengue models. It is designed to fill the gap between very specialized texts and undergraduate books on general disease vectors, and is ideal as a textbook for postgraduate courses in entomology and mosquito vectors of disease.

chapter Chapter 1|21 pages

Classification and Systematics

chapter Chapter 2|13 pages

Mosquito Life Histories

chapter Chapter 3|21 pages

The Search for the Host

chapter Chapter 4|11 pages


chapter Chapter 5|7 pages

Population Dynamics

chapter Chapter 6|4 pages


chapter Chapter 7|23 pages

Vectorial Capacity

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

Chemical Methods of Vector Control

chapter Chapter 9|10 pages

Alternative Methods of Vector Control

chapter Chapter 10|9 pages

Surveillance and Sampling

chapter Chapter 11|5 pages


chapter Chapter 12|18 pages

The Diseases – Malaria, Filariasis and Dengue

chapter Chapter 13|17 pages

Sampling Techniques

chapter Chapter 14|10 pages

Laboratory Studies

chapter Chapter 16|52 pages

Some Case Histories

chapter Chapter 17|1 pages

Some Useful Websites