This book covers fire and extinguishing theory and reliability theory and how to validate any survey within the field of engineering. It’s based on a year’s study of historical literature, using critical review and document analysis.

It covers how data is collected, analyzed, and presented. It discusses reliability theory, calculation, and uncertainty analysis, and after validating proposes a new methodology and approach using general scientific value and examples.



  • Includes an in-depth study on relevant sprinkler reliability studies based for the first time on critical review and document analysis
  • Presents a scientific validating analysis of studies based on how a survey should be conducted
  • Critiques the fact that reliability of a sprinkler system as its ability to function as designed, has never been subject to surveys
  • Suggestions for new survey methodology that can be used for the field of engineering, including all active and passive fire protection measures
  • Discusses extinguishing theory, general design of extinguishing systems, different systems and the reliability of them all

"Reliability Data on Fire Sprinkler Systems" will be of interest to Reliability Engineers, Systems, Architecture and Engineers, Design, Maintenance, Mechanical and, Civil Engineers, as well as those working in the field of fire protection and building and fire codes.

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|49 pages

Today’s Data

A Study of the Literature

chapter 6|7 pages