This book is fluent and systematic. The authors work through the fears and ambitions of young people new to STEM careers in the professional environment. Often, there is a lack of mentors, which leaves a young STEM practitioner exposed and doubting their own abilities.

This book encourages young professionals and women in STEM careers to know that they are not alone and provides insight into their ability to deal with the stress of developing into a successful professional.


  • Presents a method or vehicle to fast track young professionals and women in STEM
  • Includes key issues that they should be aware of as they grow and develop in their education and field
  • Describes how STEM career women are owners of their own path and provides an understanding of engineering and the business of consulting
  • Conveys how young professionals and women in STEM can be aware of their own productivity and enjoy what they do and the career path they have selected

This book is ideal for those new to the engineering, science, and consulting fields, including students in science and engineering education, administrators, libraries, those involved in leadership, organization behavior, human resources, STEM, and other areas as well.

chapter 1|12 pages

Passion for the Job

chapter 2|7 pages

Emotional Intelligence

chapter 3|9 pages

Thinking Strategically about Your Career

chapter 4|6 pages


chapter 5|5 pages


chapter 6|5 pages

Authority, Responsibility, and Ownership

chapter 7|5 pages


chapter 8|4 pages

Marketing and Selling

chapter 9|2 pages


chapter 10|3 pages


chapter 11|3 pages


chapter 12|4 pages

Financial Intelligence

chapter 13|3 pages

Risk and Quality Management

chapter 14|3 pages