Cybersecurity Analytics is for the cybersecurity student and professional who wants to learn data science techniques critical for tackling cybersecurity challenges, and for the data science student and professional who wants to learn about cybersecurity adaptations. Trying to build a malware detector, a phishing email detector, or just interested in finding patterns in your datasets? This book can let you do it on your own. Numerous examples and datasets links are included so that the reader can "learn by doing." Anyone with a basic college-level calculus course and some probability knowledge can easily understand most of the material.

The book includes chapters containing: unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning, supervised learning, text mining, natural language processing, and more. It also includes background on security, statistics, and linear algebra. The website for the book contains a listing of datasets, updates, and other resources for serious practitioners.

chapter Chapter 1|7 pages


chapter Chapter 2|25 pages

What Is Data Analytics?

chapter Chapter 3|23 pages

Security: Basics and Security Analytics

chapter Chapter 4|55 pages


chapter Chapter 5|35 pages

Data Mining – Unsupervised Learning

chapter Chapter 6|48 pages

Machine Learning – Supervised Learning

chapter Chapter 7|24 pages

Text Mining

chapter Chapter 8|29 pages

Natural Language Processing

chapter Chapter 9|15 pages

Big Data Techniques and Security