This text/reference represents the first balanced treatment of graphical and analytical methods for kinematic analysis and synthesis of linkages (planar and spatial) and higher-pair mechanisms (cams and gears) in a single-volume format. A significant amount of excellent German literature in the field that previously was not available in English provides extra insight into the subject. Plenty of solved problems and exercise problems are included to sharpen your skills and demonstrate how theory is put into practice.

chapter Chapter 1|35 pages


chapter Chapter 2|73 pages

Planar Kinematics of Rigid Bodies

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

Mobility and Range of Movement

chapter Chapter 4|32 pages

Displacement Analysis

chapter Chapter 5|64 pages

Velocity and Acceleration Analysis

chapter Chapter 6|95 pages

Dimensional Synthesis

chapter Chapter 7|47 pages

Coupler Curves

chapter Chapter 8|67 pages

Spherical and Spatial Linkages

chapter Chapter 9|75 pages

Cam Mechanisms

chapter Chapter 10|138 pages