Green Technology deals with using science and technology to protect the environment as well as curb the negative impacts of human involvement. The emerging green technologies, covered in this book, will propel our economy in the near future. Their development will lead to global and sustainable powers that will impact our economics, societies, cultures, and the way of life.

This book provides researchers, students, and professionals a comprehensive introduction, applications, benefits, and challenges of 15 emerging green technologies. It presents the impact of these cutting-edge technologies on our global economy and its future. The book will help a beginner to have an introductory knowledge about these emerging technologies. The main objective of the author is to provide a concise treatment that is easily digestible. It is a must-read for those graduate students or scholars who consider researching green technologies. It can also serve as a valuable resource for those business professionals who seek ways to green their processes.

chapter 1|6 pages

Introduction to Green Technologies

chapter 2|10 pages

Green Energy

chapter 3|12 pages

Green Chemistry and Engineering

chapter 4|12 pages

Green Revolution

chapter 5|14 pages

Green Agriculture and Food

chapter 6|10 pages

Green Nanotechnology

chapter 7|12 pages

Green IT/Computing

chapter 8|8 pages

Green Internet of Things

chapter 9|10 pages

Green Cloud Computing

chapter 10|12 pages

Green Communications and Networking

chapter 11|14 pages

Green Growth and Economics

chapter 12|10 pages

Green Business

chapter 13|14 pages

Green Marketing and Greenwashing

chapter 14|14 pages

Green Manufacturing

chapter 15|14 pages

Green Supply Chain Management

chapter 16|16 pages

Green Logistics and Transportation