Building structures are unique in the field of engineering, as they pose challenges in the development and conceptualization of their design. As more innovative structural forms are envisioned, detailed analyses using computer tools are inevitable. This book enables readers to gain an overall understanding of computer-aided analysis of various types of structural forms using advanced tools such as MATLAB®. Detailed descriptions of the fundamentals are explained in a "classroom" style, which will make the content more user-friendly and easier to understand. Basic concepts are emphasized through simple illustrative examples and exercises, and analysis methodologies and guidelines are explained through numerous example problems.

chapter |66 pages

Planar Orthogonal Structures

chapter |56 pages

Planar Non-Orthogonal Structures

chapter |36 pages

Planar Truss Structures

chapter |16 pages

Analysis of Special Members

chapter |12 pages


Stiffness Matrix Derivation Using the Energy Method