Essentials of Clinical Anatomy of the Equine Locomotor System presents a unique photographic record of dissections showing the topographical anatomy of the locomotor system of the horse. Readers of this book will be able to see the position and relationships of the bones, joints, muscles, nerves and blood vessels that make up each region of the forelimb, vertebral column and hindlimb.

Key features:

  • Important features of regional and topographical anatomy are presented using full-color photos of detailed dissections
  • Anatomy is presented in a clinical context
  • Preparations of cross-sectional anatomy facilitate interpretation of diagnostic imaging, such as ultrasonography, MRI images and CT scans
  • All dissections are of fresh material, rather than preserved specimens, to demonstrate the appearance of tissues in the living animal, or at post mortem autopsy

This new atlas is essential for anybody involved in detailed anatomical study, complex lameness evaluation or advanced imaging techniques in horses. It will be a useful guide for veterinary students, and a reference for equine vets in practice.

chapter Chapter A|18 pages

The proximal thoracic limb

chapter Chapter B|15 pages

The Brachium and Elbow

chapter Chapter C|13 pages

The Antebrachium

chapter Chapter D|28 pages

The Carpus

chapter Chapter E|22 pages

The Metacarpus

chapter Chapter F|31 pages

The Digital Area

chapter Chapter G|19 pages

The Neck

chapter Chapter H|20 pages

The Back (Thoracolumbar Regions)

chapter Chapter I|18 pages

The Pelvis

chapter Chapter J|11 pages

The Hip and Thigh

chapter Chapter K|20 pages

The Stifle

chapter Chapter L|8 pages

The Crus

chapter Chapter M|27 pages

The Tarsus

chapter Chapter N|12 pages

The Metatarsus

chapter Chapter O|10 pages

The Digital Area of the Pelvic Limb