This book provides simple and practical instructions on how to perform safe and easy venous cannulation, and how to insert midlines and PICC lines using ultrasound. It aidsunderstanding of the relevant anatomy, shows how to use the ultrasound machine, and how to insert such lines using ultrasound guidance. Readers will feel confident and well prepared to deal with patients requiring difficult venous access, giving them simple solutions that can be learned very quickly. These skills will also be globally beneficial for patients and healthcare institutions alike.

  • Follows the trends of the NHS and riding the wave of the midline/PICC line revolution
  • Compact and affordable
  • highly relevant to daily practice
  • Useful for specialists and generalists alike, truly multi-disciplinary

part 1|4 pages

Venous Access Planning

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

Venous Access Glossary

chapter Chapter 2|6 pages

Venous Anatomy

chapter Chapter 3|10 pages

Basic Ultrasound Use

chapter Chapter 4|3 pages

Venous Access Assessment

chapter Chapter 5|14 pages

Choosing the Right Venous Access Approach

part 2|1 pages

Venous Access Procedures

chapter Chapter 6|6 pages

Peripheral Venous Cannulation

chapter Chapter 7|8 pages

Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral Venous Cannulation

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

Midline Insertion

chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

PICC Line Insertion

part 3|1 pages

Venous Access Aftercare/Overview

chapter Chapter 10|4 pages

Care & Maintenance of Venous Lines

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages


chapter Chapter 12|11 pages

Single Best Answer Assessment