Recently, research efforts aiming to improve energy efficiency of wastewater treatment processes for large centralized wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) have been increasing. Global warming impacts, energy sustainability, and biosolids generation are among several key drivers towards the establishment of energy-efficient WWTPs. WWTPs have been recognized as major contributors of greenhouse gas emissions as these are significant energy consumers in the industrialized world. The quantity of biosolids or excess waste activated sludge produced by WWTP will increase in the future due to population growth and this pose environmental concerns and solid waste disposal issues. Due to limited capacity of landfill sites, more stringent environmental legislation, and air pollution from incineration sites, there is a need to rethink the conventional way of dealing with wastewater and the sludge production that comes with it. This book provides an overview of advanced biological, physical and chemical treatment with the aim of reducing the volume of sewage sludge.

  • Provides a comprehensive list of processes aiming at reducing the volume of sewage sludge and increasing biogas production from waste activated sludge.
  • Includes clear process flowsheet showing how the process is modified compared to the conventional waste activated sludge process.
  • Provides current technologies applied on full scale plant as well as methods still under investigation at laboratory scale.
  • Offers data from pilot scale experience of these processes

chapter 2|22 pages

Biological Treatment of Sludge

chapter 3|16 pages

Biological Treatment of Sludge

chapter 4|18 pages

Thermal/Biological Treatment of Sludge

chapter 5|6 pages

Mechanical Treatment of Sludge

chapter 6|30 pages

Chemical Treatment of Sludge

chapter 7|4 pages

Thermal/Chemical Pre-Treatment of Sludge

chapter 8|36 pages

Physical Pre-Treatment of Sludge

chapter 10|8 pages

Physicochemical Treatment

Application of Microwave and Chemical Treatment of Sludge

chapter 11|20 pages

Physicochemical Treatment

Combination of Alkaline and Ultrasonic Pre-Treatment of Sludge

chapter 12|36 pages

Physicochemical Treatment

Combination of Ozone and Ultrasonic Pre-Treatment of Sludge

chapter 14|24 pages

Physicochemical Treatment

Application of Ozone, Ultrasonic and Alkaline Post-Treatment of Sludge