This book documents the long, still ongoing battle between the US Food and Drug Administration and the dietary supplement industry. It presents the complex, often subtle, and sometimes overlooked series of events that had a major impact on how dietary supplements are manufactured, marketed, sold, and used today. While the first few chapters focus on some background topics, the remaining chapters walk the reader through timeline of events, legislative actions, FDA proposed and final rules, and judicial decisions that led to our current dietary supplement regulatory framework. Interwoven in narrative are examples of the roles of science, social and public policy, politics, and popular media.

chapter chapter one|6 pages


chapter chapter two|12 pages

Dietary supplement use in the United States

chapter chapter three|14 pages

Our federal food regulatory structure

chapter chapter four|8 pages

The early history of dietary supplement regulation

chapter chapter five|14 pages

Dietary supplements

Foods or drugs?

chapter chapter six|12 pages

Food labeling versus food advertising

chapter chapter seven|16 pages

The battle over health claims

chapter chapter eight|16 pages

Congress takes action

chapter chapter nine|40 pages

The congressional hearings

chapter chapter ten|10 pages


Defining dietary supplements

chapter chapter eleven|12 pages


A new safety standard for dietary supplements

chapter chapter twelve|6 pages


Structure–function claims versus health claims

chapter chapter thirteen|16 pages


Other important provisions

chapter chapter fourteen|16 pages

The health claims debate continues

chapter chapter fifteen|20 pages

Where does dietary supplement regulation stand today?