This new edition introduces and examines the space technologies that benefit our everyday lives. Each chapter now includes exercises and problems, and the content covers new satellites and emerging technologies. It explores the ever-improving quality of satellite systems and services, and also investigates ways to bring about higher resolution satellite imagery and lower satellite costs. The focus is on man-made satellites, which are becoming smaller, smarter, cheaper, and easier to launch, having a longer life span, and are less susceptible to interference. Furthermore, the book considers advances in several key technologies that affect the satellite industry.

  • Includes extensive study questions and exercises after each chapter.
  • Explains present commercial space technology and its future outlook.
  • Explores the many applications of space technologies and their impact on our lives, including real world examples.
  • Presents a future outlook on robotics, communications and navigation, and human health and nanotechnology.
  • Provides a clear understanding of space, space technologies, space applications, space security, space regulations, a space roadmap, and their impact on the lives of humans now and for generations to come.

chapter 1|2 pages


chapter 2|85 pages

Commercial Space Technologies

chapter 3|164 pages


chapter 4|25 pages

Future Space Technologies