Rapidly Prototyping Interfaces with InDesign guides readers to learn to create a wide range of interfaces, from mobile to desktop. With InDesign, interface prototyping takes minutes instead of days. This book is code-free and entirely hands-on with InDesign tools. This book acts as a guide for how to prototype user interfaces with InDesign, using diagrams, illustrations, and screen shots. This illustrated book concerns the creation and prototyping of eBooks, eMagazines, websites, desktop apps and movile apps. InDesign is an important tool for rapid prototyping, as no coding is involved.


Key Features

  • No available book provides this information.
  • The reader will learn how to prototype a wide range of interfaces for both desktop and movile platforms.
  • The book will include software screen shots and guide the reader step by step.
  • The example prototypes will be interactive. Users can test them using interactive devices, such as desktop computers, tablets or mobile phones.
  • The reader will learn how to prepare an effective portfolio and resume.
  • section I|15 pages

    Setting Up

    chapter 1|7 pages

    InDesign Workspace

    chapter 2|5 pages


    section II|59 pages

    Importing Files

    chapter 3|12 pages


    chapter 4|10 pages


    chapter 5|17 pages


    chapter 6|17 pages


    section III|203 pages

    Recipes for Interactive Prototypes

    chapter 7|26 pages


    chapter 8|42 pages


    chapter 9|46 pages

    Magazines and Books

    chapter 10|42 pages

    Websites and Web Apps

    chapter 11|45 pages

    Mobile, Desktop, and Custom Apps

    section IV|28 pages

    Exporting Testing-Ready Prototypes (and Other Export Options)

    chapter 12|26 pages

    Exporting Files