The new fifth edition of Information Technology Control and Audit has been significantly revised to include a comprehensive overview of the IT environment, including revolutionizing technologies, legislation, audit process, governance, strategy, and outsourcing, among others. This new edition also outlines common IT audit risks, procedures, and involvement associated with major IT audit areas. It further provides cases featuring practical IT audit scenarios, as well as sample documentation to design and perform actual IT audit work. Filled with up-to-date audit concepts, tools, techniques, and references for further reading, this revised edition promotes the mastery of concepts, as well as the effective implementation and assessment of IT controls by organizations and auditors.

For instructors and lecturers there are an instructor’s manual, sample syllabi and course schedules, PowerPoint lecture slides, and test questions. For students there are flashcards to test their knowledge of key terms and recommended further readings. Go to https://routledgetextbooks.com/textbooks/9781498752282/ for more information.

part I|128 pages

Foundation for IT Audit

chapter 3|38 pages

The IT Audit Process

chapter 4|34 pages

Tools and Techniques Used in Auditing IT

part II|106 pages

Planning and Organization

chapter 5|22 pages

IT Governance and Strategy

chapter 6|20 pages

Risk Management

chapter 7|23 pages

Project Management

chapter 8|36 pages

System Development Life Cycle

part III|132 pages

Auditing IT Environment

chapter 9|23 pages

Application Systems: Risks and Controls

chapter 10|25 pages

Change Control Management

chapter 11|22 pages

Information Systems Operations

chapter 12|28 pages

Information Security