Additive Manufacturing (AM) has altered manufacturing as we know it, with shortened development time, increased performance, and reduced product costs. Executive management in industry are bombarded by marketing from their competitors showcasing design solutions leveraged through AM. Therefore, executive management ask their project management teams to figure out how to utilize AM within their own company. Clueless on how to approach the problem, managers start learning about AM from experts and become overwhelmed at the highly technical information. Unlike other AM books that focus on the technical output of AM technology, this new book focuses solely on the managerial implementation.


  • Presents the impacts of AM technology
  • Provides engaging, practical, and entertaining "war stories" from the front line of AM industrialization
  • Describes in detail, the significant hurdles in AM certification and implementation
  • Offers templates of proven change management best practices, as practical solutions
  • Omits the technical verbiage that gets in the way of management understanding how the process is implemented

section section one|2 pages

Additive manufacturing background and potential

chapter chapter one|10 pages

Additive manufacturing overview

chapter chapter two|12 pages

Additive manufacturing potential for industry

chapter chapter three|10 pages

Additive manufacturing intellectual property trends

section section two|2 pages

Creating and managing additively manufactured change

chapter chapter five|6 pages

Impact of disruptive technology

section section three|2 pages

Additive manufacturing barriers

chapter chapter six|8 pages


chapter chapter seven|6 pages

Machine cost of ownership

chapter chapter eight|8 pages

Make vs. buy

chapter chapter nine|6 pages

Skilled workforce, or lack thereof

chapter chapter ten|4 pages

Cultural adoption of change

section section four|2 pages

Applying change management best practices to additive manufacturing

chapter chapter eleven|10 pages

Establish a sense of urgency

chapter chapter twelve|8 pages

Create a guiding coalition

chapter chapter thirteen|8 pages

Develop a vision and strategy

chapter chapter fourteen|6 pages

Communicate the change vision

chapter chapter fifteen|8 pages

Empower broad-based action

chapter chapter sixteen|6 pages

Generate short-term wins

chapter chapter seventeen|6 pages

Consolidate gains and promote additive manufacturing adoption

chapter chapter eighteen|6 pages

Anchor new approaches in the culture