This book will help readers comprehend technical and policy elements of telecommunication particularly in the context of 5G. It first presents an overview of the current research and standardization practices and lays down the global frequency spectrum allocation process. It further lists solutions to accommodate 5G spectrum requirements.

The readers will find a considerable amount of information on 4G (LTE-Advanced), LTE-Advance Pro, 5G NR (New Radio); transport network technologies, 5G NGC (Next Generation Core), OSS (Operations Support Systems), network deployment and end-to-end 5G network architecture.

Some details on multiple network elements (end products) such as 5G base station/small cells and the role of semiconductors in telecommunication are also provided. Keeping trends in mind, service delivery mechanisms along with state-of-the-art services such as MFS (mobile financial services), mHealth (mobile health) and IoT (Internet-of-Things) are covered at length. At the end, telecom sector’s burning challenges and best practices are explained which may be looked into for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.

The book concludes with certain high level suggestions for the growth of telecommunication, particularly on the importance of basic research, departure from ten-year evolution cycle and having a 20–30 year plan.

  • Explains the conceivable six phases of mobile telecommunication’s ecosystem that includes R&D, standardization, product/network/device & application development, and burning challenges and best practices
  • Provides an overview of research and standardization on 5G  
  • Discusses solutions to address 5G spectrum requirements while describing the global frequency spectrum allocation process
  • Presents various case studies and policies
  • Provides details on multiple network elements and the role of semiconductors in telecommunication
  • Presents service delivery mechanisms with special focus on IoT

chapter 1|3 pages

The Beginning

chapter 2|9 pages

Research and Technology Development

chapter 3|10 pages

Radio Frequency Spectrum

chapter 4|18 pages


chapter 5|38 pages

5G Concepts

chapter 7|13 pages

Product Development

chapter 9|30 pages

4G/5G Radio Access Network

chapter 10|39 pages

Transport Network

chapter 11|16 pages

Core Network and Operational Support System

chapter 12|19 pages

Connected Devices

chapter 13|29 pages

Mobile Applications

chapter 14|15 pages

Burning Challenges

chapter 15|25 pages

Weak, Good, and Best Industry Practices

chapter 16|4 pages

The Way Forward

Fast Forward to Year 2040