This second of two comprehensive reference texts on differential equations continues coverage of the essential material students they are likely to encounter in solving engineering and mechanics problems across the field - alongside a preliminary volume on theory.

This book covers a very broad range of problems, including beams and columns, plates, shells, structural dynamics, catenary and cable suspension bridge, nonlinear buckling, transports and waves in fluids, geophysical fluid flows, nonlinear waves and solitons, Maxwell equations, Schrodinger equations, celestial mechanics and fracture mechanics and dynamics. The focus is on the mathematical technique for solving the differential equations involved.

All readers who are concerned with and interested in engineering mechanics problems, climate change, and nanotechnology will find topics covered in this book providing valuable information and mathematics background for their multi-disciplinary research and education.

chapter 1|78 pages

Theory of Beams and Columns

chapter 2|58 pages

Theory of Plates

chapter 3|102 pages

Theory of Shells

chapter 4|52 pages

Structural Dynamics

chapter 5|60 pages

Catenary and Cable-Supported Bridges

chapter 6|66 pages

Nonlinear Buckling

chapter 7|36 pages

Turbulent Diffusions in Fluids

chapter 8|62 pages

Geophysical Fluid Flows

chapter 9|56 pages

Nonlinear Wave and Solitons

chapter 10|52 pages

Mathematical Theory for Maxwell Equations

chapter 11|52 pages

Quantum Mechanics and Schrödinger Equation

chapter 12|76 pages

Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics

chapter 13|54 pages

Fracture Mechanics and Dynamics