The book presents design methods for analog integrated circuits with improved electrical performance. It describes different equivalent transistor models, design methods, and fabrication considerations for high-density integrated circuits in nanometer CMOS processes, and it analyzes circuit architectures that are suitable for analog building blocks. Highlighting various design challenges, the text offers a complete understanding of architectural- and transistor-level design issues of analog integrated circuits. It examines important trends in the design of high-speed and power-efficient front-end analog circuits that can be used for signal conditioning, filtering, and detection applications.

  • Offers a comprehensive resource for mastering the analysis of analog integrated circuits.
  • Describes circuit-level details of high-speed and power-efficient analog building blocks.
  • Explores design methods based on various MOS transistor models (MOSFET, FinFET).
  • Provides mathematical derivations of all equations and formulas.
  • Emphasizes practical aspects relevant to integrated circuit implementation.
  • Includes open-ended circuit design case studies.

chapter 1|56 pages

MOS Transistors

chapter 2|26 pages

Physical Design of MOS Integrated Circuits

chapter 3|44 pages

Bias and Current Reference Circuits

chapter 4|154 pages

CMOS Amplifiers

chapter 5|58 pages

Nonlinear Analog Components

chapter 6|148 pages

Continuous-Time Circuits

chapter 7|112 pages

Switched-Capacitor Circuits