First Published in 2018. It is now some fifteen years since Structural Stability and Morphogenesis was first published in the French edition. The purely mathematical theory of singularities of smooth maps has developed tremendously in that time, however, the main interest of this book lies not in its mathematics, but in the methodological perspective opened up by Catastrophe Theory models.

chapter 1|11 pages


chapter 2|9 pages

Form and Structural Stability

chapter 3|17 pages

Structural Stability in Mathematics

chapter 4|17 pages

Kinematic of Forms; Catastrophes

chapter 6|23 pages

General Morphology

chapter 7|27 pages

The Dynamic of Forms

chapter 8|10 pages

Biology and Topology

chapter 9|39 pages

Local Models in Embryology

chapter 10|56 pages

Global Models for a Living Being (Metazoa)

chapter 11|24 pages

Models in Ultrastructure

chapter 12|17 pages

The Basic Problems of Biology

chapter 13|34 pages

From Animal to Man: Thought and Language