Suitable for a one- or two-semester undergraduate or beginning graduate course in computer science and computer engineering, Computer Organization, Design, and Architecture, Fourth Edition presents the operating principles, capabilities, and limitations of digital computers to enable development of complex yet efficient systems. With 40% upd

chapter 1|14 pages


chapter 2|52 pages

Number Systems and Codes

chapter 3|70 pages

Combinational Logic

chapter 4|76 pages

Synchronous Sequential Circuits

chapter 6|48 pages

A Simple Computer: Hardware Design

chapter 7|66 pages


chapter 9|74 pages

Memory and Storage

chapter 10|40 pages

Arithmetic=Logic Unit Enhancement

chapter 11|60 pages

Control Unit Enhancement

chapter 12|50 pages

Advanced Architectures

chapter 13|38 pages

Embedded Systems

chapter 14|26 pages

Computer Networks and Distributed Processing

chapter 15|16 pages

Performance Evaluation