Since the invention of the laser, our fascination with the photon has led to one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing fields of technology. As the reality of all-optical systems comes into focus, it is more important than ever to stay current with the latest advances in the optics and components that enable photonics technology. Comprising chapters drawn from the author's highly anticipated book Photonics: Principles and Practices, Physical Optics: Principles and Practices offers a detailed and focused treatment for anyone in need of authoritative information on this critical area underlying photonics.

Using a consistent approach, the author leads you step-by-step through each topic. Each skillfully crafted chapter first explores the theoretical concepts of each topic, and then demonstrates how these principles apply to real-world applications by guiding you through experimental cases illuminated with numerous illustrations. The book works systematically through the principles of waves, diffraction, interference, diffraction gratings, interferometers, spectrometers, and several aspects of laser technology to build a thorough understanding of how to study and manipulate the behavior of light for various applications. In addition, it includes a four-page insert containing several full-color illustrations as well as a chapter on laboratory safety.

Containing several topics presented for the first time in book form, Physical Optics: Principles and Practices is simply the most modern, detailed, and hands-on text in the field.

chapter 1|22 pages


chapter 2|20 pages

Interference and Diffraction

chapter 3|24 pages

The Diffraction Grating

chapter 4|20 pages


chapter 5|16 pages

Spectrometers and Spectoroscopes

chapter 6|70 pages


chapter 7|18 pages

Photonics Laboratory Safety