The Nobel Prize is science’s highest award, as is the case with non-science fields too, and it is therefore arguably the most internationally recognized award in the world. This unique set of volumes focuses on summarizing the Nobel Prize within organic chemistry, as well as the specializations within this specialty. Any reader researching the history of the field of organic chemistry will be interested in this work. Furthermore, it serves as an outstanding resource for providing a better understanding of the circumstances that led to these amazing discoveries and what has happened as a result, in the years since.

  • An outstanding resource which enables readers to better understand the conditions that led to these Nobel Prize amazing discoveries
  • To an extent the roots of organic chemistry have been forgotten or lost and this set of volumes bridges the gap
  • Unique set of volumes, no other book publication in the field competes and only press releases announcing the prizes from recent years exist
  • "More than any other branch of chemistry, organic chemists look to history, so the readers will certainly enjoy this compilation "
  • Appeals to a diverse audience including upcoming as well as modern practicing chemists, and provides the historical context of these discoveries
  • chapter 1|8 pages


    chapter 2|4 pages


    chapter 3|14 pages

    Sabatier and Grignard

    chapter 4|20 pages

    Diels and Alder

    chapter 5|10 pages