A thorough and timely update, this new edition presents principles, techniques, and applications in this sub-discipline of analytical chemistry for quantifying traces of potentially toxic organic and inorganic chemical substances found in air, soil, fish, and water, as well as serum, plasma, urine, and other body fluids. The author addresses regulatory aspects, calibration, verification, and the statistical treatment of analytical data including instrument detection limits; quality assurance/quality control; sampling and sample preparation; and techniques that are used to quantify trace concentrations of organic and inorganic chemical substances.

Key Features:

  • Fundamental principles are introduced for the more significant experimental approaches to sample preparation
  • Principles of instrumental analysis (determinative techniques) for trace organics and trace inorganics analysis
  • An introduction to the statistical treatment of trace analytical data
  • How to calculate instrument detection limits based on weighted least squares confidence band calibration statistics
  • Includes an updated series of student-tested experiments