Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing Technology: Principles and Applications consists of the construction and working details of all modern additive manufacturing and 3D-printing technology processes and machines, while also including the fundamentals, for a well-rounded educational experience. The book is written to help the reader understand the fundamentals of the systems.

This book provides a selection of additive manufacturing techniques suitable for near-term application with enough technical background to understand the domain, its applicability, and to consider variations to suit technical and organizational constraints. It highlights new innovative 3D-printing systems, presents a view of 4D printing, and promotes a vision of additive manufacturing and applications toward modern manufacturing engineering practices.

With the block diagrams, self-explanatory figures, chapter exercises, and photographs of lab-developed prototypes, along with case studies, this new textbook will be useful to students studying courses in Mechanical, Production, Design, Mechatronics, and Electrical Engineering.


chapter 2|30 pages

CAD for Additive Manufacturing

chapter 4|14 pages

Solid-Based Additive Manufacturing Systems

chapter 6|52 pages

Materials in Additive Manufacturing

chapter 7|40 pages

Applications and Examples

chapter 8|22 pages

Additive Manufacturing Equipment

chapter 9|22 pages


chapter 10|24 pages

Product Quality

chapter |8 pages

Interview Preparedness