The sixth edition of a bestseller, Air Quality provides students with a comprehensive overview of air quality, the science that continues to provide a better understanding of atmospheric chemistry and its effects on public health and the environment, and the regulatory and technological management practices employed in achieving air quality goals. Maintaining the practical approach that has made previous editions popular, the chapters have been reorganized, new material has been added, less relevant material has been deleted, and new images have been added, particularly those from Earth satellites.

New in the Sixth Edition

  • New graphics, images, and an appended list of unit conversions
  • New problems and questions
  • Presents all-new information on the state of air quality monitoring
  • Provides the latest updates on air quality legislation in the United States
  • Updates the effects of air pollution and CO2 on climate change
  • Examines the effects of the latest changes in energy production and the related emissions and pollutants
  • Offers broadened coverage of air pollutant emissions and air quality in a global context

This new edition elucidates the challenges we face in our efforts to protect and enhance the quality of the nation’s air. It also highlights the growing global awareness of air quality issues, climate change, and public health concerns in the developing world. The breadth of coverage, review questions at the end of each chapter, extensive glossary, and list of readings place the tools for understanding into your students’ hands.

chapter 1|18 pages


chapter 2|44 pages

Atmospheric Pollution and Pollutants

chapter 4|41 pages

Atmospheric Effects

chapter 5|34 pages

Health Effects

chapter 6|26 pages

Welfare Effect

chapter 7|34 pages

Air Quality and Emissions Assessment

chapter 8|41 pages

Regulation and Public Policy

chapter 9|18 pages

Control of Motor Vehicle Emissions

chapter 10|30 pages

Control of Emissions from Stationary Sources

chapter 11|35 pages

Indoor Air Quality

chapter 12|19 pages

Environmental Noise