The latest edition of the bestselling Groundwater Chemicals Desk Reference has been thoroughly updated and expanded. In addition to information concerning the environmental fate and transport in various media, organic priority pollutants and chemicals commonly found in the workplace and the environment, it includes toxicity information for mammals and aquatic species in a clear, consistent format.

Conversion Formulas between Various Concentration Units. Conversion Factors. U.S. EPA Approved Test Methods. Typical Bulk Density Values of Selected Soils and Rocks. Ranges of Porosity Values of Selected Soils and Rocks. Aqueous Solubility Data of Miscellaneous Organic Compounds. Henry's Law Constants of Inorganic and Organic Substances. Organic Compounds Detected in Water-Soluble Fractions of Regular Gasoline, Super Gasoline, Gasohol, and Four Middle Distillate Fuels. Concentrations of Organic Compounds Detected in Neat Diesel Fuels and Diesel-Powered Medium-Duty Truck Exhaust. Water Soluble Concentrations of Organic Compounds and Metals in New and Used Motor oil and Organic Compounds in Kerosene. Summary of Toxicity of Inorganic and Organic Chemicals to Various Species. Freundlich and Soil Absorption Coefficients of Miscellaneous Organic Chemicals and Metals.