This is a completely new, entirely up-to-date color atlas-textbook of multiple sclerosis (MS). The first of its kind, it offers special value for its illustrations and instructive text on the very latest diagnostic procedures for MS. The book opens with introductory and background information and then covers the pathogenesis of MS involving alteration of the blood-brain barrier. The section on diagnosis covers IgG and oligoclonal bands in the cerebrospinal fluid; evoked potential studies, including visual, brainstem auditory, and somatosensory; MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), including MRI differential diagnosis involving ADEM, MDEM, Lyme disease, and HTLV-I spastic paraparesis; and PET (positron emission tomography) and SPECT (single photon emission tomography). Concluding sections cover the gross, microscopic, and electronmicroscopic pathology of MS and the visual system in MS, involving optic and retrobulbar neuritis; fundoscopy, and visual fields. Includes bibliographic re ferences and index.