This important volume provides a comprehensive overview of hepatotoxicity and medicinal plants used for protecting the liver and for curing liver toxicity and liver diseases. To date, there has been no extensive resource on the plants that are used in this capacity, both in traditional medicine and in modern medicine. This book fills that gap. It presents information on the medicinal plants used in traditional medicine (both codified and noncodified) and in ethnomedicine, including the plant parts used and methods of use and dosages. The phytochemicals extracted from medicinal  plants,screened and used in modern medicine for liver protection and curing liver problems, are given in detail, and the methods of screening are given as well. Methods of assay for screening the medicinal plants are also presented.

Key features:

• Provides complete information on plants that show hepatoprotective properties

• Lists and discusses the phytochemicals useful for liver protection and cures

• Considers traditional uses and ethnomedicinal plants for liver protection

• Details the plant parts and the extracts that have protection properties and the active principles showing hepatoprotection

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages

Liver: Activities, Functions, Problems, and Diseases

chapter Chapter 2|18 pages

Hepatotoxicity and Hepatoprotective Assay

chapter Chapter 3|556 pages

Hepatoprotective Plants

chapter Chapter 4|102 pages

Phytoconstituents with Hepatoprotective Activity

chapter Chapter 5|60 pages

Ethnomedicinal Plants for Hepatoprotection in India

chapter Chapter 6|30 pages

Polyherbal Formulations