Main features:
i) A different approach for teaching Quantum Mechanics encompassing old quantum mechanics, matrix mechanics and wave mechanics in a historical perspective which helps to consolidate most important concepts of Quantum Mechanics;
ii) Original information from the most important papers of Quantum Mechanics;
iii) Derivation of all important equations of Quantum Mechanics, for example, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, de Broglie’s wave-particle duality, Schrödinger’s wave equation, etc., showing their interrelations through Dirac’s equations and other applications of matrix and wave mechanics;
iv) Comprehensive mathematical support for the understanding of Quantum Mechanics; derivation of all equations make reading easier;
v) The illustrations of the book cover examples, exercises and do-it-yourself activities;
vi) Fundamentals of Fortran and numerical calculation along with the source codes for numerical solutions of several mathematical and quantum problems. All source codes are in the author’s site: (https://www.fortrancodes.com/);
vii) Chapters devoted to linear algebra and differential equations applied to quantum mechanics and their numerical solutions;
viii) Complete solution for the one-electron and two-electron problems using Schrödinger’s time independent equation along with their source codes.

part One|175 pages

Computational and Mathematical Support

part Three|113 pages

Part Three Schrödinger's Solutions to One and Two-electron Problems