This book presents methods for the summation of infinite and finite series and the related identities and inversion relations. The summation includes the column sums and row sums of lower triangular matrices. The convergence of the summation of infinite series is considered.

The author’s focus is on symbolic methods and the Riordan array approach. In addition, this book contains hundreds summation formulas and identities, which can be used as a handbook for people working in computer science, applied mathematics, and computational mathematics, particularly, combinatorics, computational discrete mathematics, and computational number theory. The exercises at the end of each chapter help deepen understanding.

Much of the materials in this book has never appeared before in textbook form. This book can be used as a suitable textbook for advanced courses for high lever undergraduate and lower lever graduate students. It is also an introductory self-study book for re- searchers interested in this field, while some materials of the book can be used as a portal for further research.

chapter Chapter 1|66 pages

Classical Methods from Infinitesimal Calculus

chapter Chapter 2|70 pages

Symbolic Methods

chapter Chapter 3|56 pages

Source Formulas for Symbolic Methods

chapter Chapter 5|112 pages

Extension Methods