Written by the leading authority in the field of solid-state phase transformations, Theory of Transformations in Steels is the first book to provide readers with a complete discussion of the theory of transformations in steel.

  • Offers comprehensive treatment of solid-state transformations, covering the vast number in steels
  • Serves as a single source for almost any aspect of the subject
  • Features discussion of physical properties, thermodynamics, diffusion, and kinetics
  • Covers ferrites, martensite, cementite, carbides, nitrides, substitutionally-alloyed precipitates, and pearlite
  • Contains a thoroughly researched and comprehensive list of references as further and recommended reading

With its broad and deep coverage of the subject, this work aims at inspiring research within the field of materials science and metallurgy.

chapter 1|16 pages

Crystal structures and mechanisms

chapter 2|86 pages


chapter 3|62 pages


chapter 4|90 pages

Ferrite by reconstructive transformation

chapter 5|74 pages


chapter 6|20 pages


chapter 7|32 pages

Widmanstätten ferrite

chapter 8|38 pages


chapter 9|26 pages

Other Fe-C carbides

chapter 10|18 pages


chapter 11|34 pages

Substitutionally alloyed precipitates

chapter 12|22 pages


chapter 13|24 pages

Aspects of kinetic theory