This book gives an introduction to the theoretical and computational fluid dynamics of a compressible fluid. It focuses on the basic assumptions and the formulation of the theory of compressible flow as well as on the methods of solving problems.

chapter Chapter I|13 pages


chapter Chapter IV|33 pages

Shock Waves

chapter Chapter VI|28 pages

Method of Small Perturbations, Linearized Theory

chapter Chapter VII|29 pages

Two-Dimensional Subsonic Steady Potential Flow

chapter Chapter VIII|30 pages

Hodograph Method 1-4 and Rheograph Method 5-7

chapter Chapter X|62 pages

Two-Dimensional Steady Transonic and Hypersonic Flows

chapter Chapter XI|32 pages

Method of Characteristics

chapter Chapter XII|50 pages

Linearized Theory of Three-Dimensional Potential Flow

chapter Chapter XIII|34 pages

Nonlinear Theory of Three-Dimensional Compressible Flow

chapter Chapter XV|41 pages


chapter Chapter XVI|57 pages

Multiphase Flows

chapter Chapter XVII|96 pages

Flows of a Compressible Fluid with Transport Phenomena