"Introduces a theory of random testing in digital circuits for the first time and offers practical guidance for the implementation of random pattern generators, signature analyzers design for random testability, and testing results. Contains several new and unpublished results. "

chapter 1|14 pages

Random Testing and Built-In Self-Test

chapter 3|41 pages

Basic Concepts and Test Generation Methods

chapter 5|27 pages

Basic Principles of Random Testing

chapter 7|25 pages

Random Test Length for Sequential Circuits

chapter 8|28 pages

Random Test Length for RAMs

chapter 9|27 pages

Random Test Length for Microprocessors

chapter 10|28 pages

Generation of Random Test Sequences

chapter 11|21 pages

Experimental Results

chapter 12|37 pages

Signature Analysis

chapter 13|15 pages

Design For Random Testability