The author of Impact of Hazardous Waste on Human Health is a public health official with the unique perspective that only insider status can provide. His book is intended for policy makers, environmentalists, toxicologists, public health officials, academic personnel, and health care providers.
The author addresses six themes: hazardous waste issues must be more vigorously examined, site remediation is critical, risk management must extend beyond waste site clean up, disease prevention must be a priority, interagency partnership is mandatory, and the best technology must be applied.
Johnson also considers the pros and cons of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) also known as the "Superfund." His years of experience with this law, and countless other issues related to hazardous waste, make Impact of Hazardous Waste on Human Health an important and positive contribution.

chapter Chapter One|17 pages

Nature and Extent of Hazardous Waste

chapter Chapter Two|21 pages

Public Health Assessment

chapter Chapter Three|33 pages

Exposure Assessment

chapter Chapter Four|32 pages

Toxicology of CERCLA Hazardous Substances

chapter Chapter Five|94 pages

Human Health Studies

chapter Chapter Six|18 pages

Workers’ Health and Safety

chapter Chapter Seven|26 pages

Health Promotion

chapter Chapter Eight|30 pages

Risk Communication

chapter Chapter Nine|35 pages

Environmental Equity

chapter Chapter Ten|28 pages

Comparative Risk Assessment